NCII Ratings for CTL Marketplace Products

The National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) at American Institutes for Research (AIR) encourages schools and districts to use data-based, individualized instruction in reading, math, and behavior, especially with students who struggle academically. To support the use of research-based programs, the NCII conducts a review of the technical quality and rigor of studies investigating the effectiveness of submitted programs. Specifically, the NCII evaluates the research about programs, not the programs’ instructional design. The reviews include summary information about the program, and ratings on the quality of five research components: participants, research design, fidelity of implementation, targeted outcome measures, and broader outcome measures. Each of these components receives a rating of “convincing evidence,” “partially convincing evidence,” “unconvincing evidence,” or “data unavailable.” CTL Marketplace products received many “convincing evidence” ratings.

Studies about the following CTL Marketplace programs were reviewed by NCII:

Across studies of the four programs, a total of 20 components were evaluated (e.g., five research components per program). Seventeen of the twenty components were rated as having “convincing evidence,” two were rated as having “partially convincing evidence,” and one was rated as “data unavailable”.

Please visit the NCII website for more information about the technical review process and results. Visit the CTL Marketplace for more information on CTL Marketplace products.