New Math Program, Math Intervention Game, and Tablet-Based DIBELS!

The CTL Marketplace is pleased to announce new products for educators to help students.

Early Learning in Mathematics™ is a whole-class, Tier 1 mathematics curriculum designed to ensure that kindergarten students develop a deep understanding of critical mathematics concepts and skills. The program offers 120 lessons that recent research has shown to accelerate students' conceptual understanding and procedural fluency of kindergarten mathematics.

NumberShire™ is an immersive, internet-based integrated learning system with an intensive focus on whole number concepts and skills for students in kindergarten through second grade. NumberShire Level 1 is now available, including approximately 12 hours of game play aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Research findings support the efficacy of NumberShire Level 1 in first grade classrooms for increasing math learning.

HiFi Reading™, a tablet-based app for DIBELS 6th Edition.

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