This project represents a continuation of the ongoing collaborative effort between the University of Oregon Center on Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Age of Learning, Inc. to evaluate the effectiveness of the Early Learning Academy, a comprehensive online early learning resource for children ages 2-6.

For the K-3 Reading Initiative, The Center on Teaching and Learning (CTL), with assistance from RMC Research, will provide whole group, small group, and job-embedded PD to the US Virgin Islands that is grounded in the essential components of reading instruction.

To provide professional development to Hawaii on the Enhanced Core Reading Instruction (ECRI) curriculum materials.

The purpose of this project is develop a preschool early language and literacy progress monitoring tool in Spanish, Progress Monitoring-Spanish-Individual Growth and Development Indicators (PM-S-IGDIs), to complement a progress monitoring tool in English (PM-IGDIs) that will be developed with funding from IES.

This project will adapt, refine, and evaluate a multi-tiered instructional framework in three K-3 elementary schools with large English language learner (ELL) populations to address ways to improve understanding of their reading achievement and language development needs, improve delivery, and support the administrators and teachers who work with them.

Literacy for Students with Disabilities is to address current and emerging training and information needs of SEAs, LEAs, technical assistance (TA) centers, schools, and practitioners to select and implement evidence-based practices that will improve literacy outcomes for students with disabilities or students who show indicators of disabilities that may prevent them from attaining full literacy

The purpose of this project is to develop Literacy Study Group (LSG), a web-based professional development intervention designed to assist special education teachers in delivering high-quality reading instruction to elementary school students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD).

Project CIFOR (Collaboration Across Interdisciplinary Fields of Observational Research) is a 2-year Exploration project (Goal 1) funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES). The purpose of CIFOR is to build on and advance the observation work of four previously-conducted CTL projects.

ECRI (Enhanced Core Reading Instruction) is a Goal 3 Efficacy and Replication study designed to investigate the impact of systematic and explicit instructional teaching routines on the early literacy achievement of at-risk students in first grade classrooms. ECRI is delivered in Tier 1 (whole group) and Tier 2 reading (small group) instruction.

MOCCA (Multiple-choice Online Cloze Comprehension Assessment) is a measurement study targeting the assessment of reading comprehension processes among intermediate grade students.