Undergraduate Research Fellowship

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Dr. Edward J. Kame’enui, Founding Director of CTL and Dean-Knight Professor in the College of Education, created the Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) Program in 1998. The URF program allows full-time juniors and seniors in any major area of study the opportunity to work as Research Fellows throughout the University of Oregon.

Beginning in 2017-18, the program’s focus will shift from supporting students in any major area of study to supporting students in Education and related fields.  Applicants primary major must be in the College of Education, or in a related field such as Psychology, Linguistics, General Science, or General Social Science. The research project must be related to an educational issue and the applicant must make a case that they plan to pursue Graduate research explicitly in education-related areas and issues.

Admission to the program is competitive. Accepted students work as valued members of a research team and are granted a tuition waiver for the academic year. This program is specifically designed to encourage undergraduates to continue their studies in graduate school with a commitment to research and the process of scientific inquiry. The URF program has supported 18 student cohorts thus far, totalling 54 students from more than 20 academic disciplines around the UO.

Where are they now?

Since graduating from the UO, URF recipients have continued to shine:

  • 10 have earned PhD’s
  • 8 have earned Master’s degrees
  • 7 have earned or are in school for a medical degree (MD; DDS; DVM)
  • 3 have completed nursing school (RN; BSN; CNM)
  • 12 are pursuing PhD’s in graduate school

Student Qualifications and Application Criteria

Students from any major who exhibit substantial interest in research and who intend to pursue graduate school may apply to the program. The program is designed to support full-time students of junior or senior class standing with a GPA of at least 3.50. Applicants must be Oregon residents and should provide a one-page personal statement that describes their goals, career aspirations, and topics of interest and experience in research. In addition to the personal statement, two letters of recommendation are required from faculty at the University of Oregon or another recently attended university. Applicants must complete an URF application and provide an unofficial transcript from all universities attended.

Contact Information

If you have questions abut the URF program, please contact Tanya Sheehan, URF program administrator.