World-class Research Center

We conduct and disseminate research that focuses on practical solutions to serious problems in school systems.

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Program of Research

The Center on Teaching and Learning (CTL) is a world-class research center at the University of Oregon that uses scientific evidence and research-based practices to advance teaching and student learning.

Curriculum Design & Development

Our content and instructional design experts have developed a suite of evidence-based literacy, math, and early science interventions with a special focus on grades K-3 and struggling learners.

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Measuring Student Performance

Education experts at CTL developed and continue to maintain the UO DIBELS Data System (DDS). The DDS, through its support of student performance measures, serves 20% of all U.S. public schools.

Featured Programs

With instruction in Spanish, Fundamentos de los Números Enteros: Nivel K provides Tier 2 small-group intervention designed to help students who face difficulties with whole number concepts and skills.

Featured Research Project

Systematic and Explicit Teaching Routines (SETR) is a Goal 3 Efficacy and Replication study designed to test the impact of systematic and explicit instructional teaching routines for increasing the early literacy achievement of Spanish-speaking English language learners in transitional bilingual education programs.