Literacy Study Group for Teachers of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

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Award Number
Funding Source
National Center for Special Education Research
Sub with University of Washington
Professional Development for Teachers and Related Services Providers, Development and Innovation, #R324A150059


The purpose of this project is to develop Literacy Study Group (LSG), a web-based professional development intervention designed to assist special education teachers in delivering high-quality reading instruction to elementary school students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). Students with EBD are likely to experience significant reading difficulties, which is strongly correlated with low academic achievement, school dropout, conduct and social problems, and unemployment. Many of these children are also less likely to have access to reading instruction because of their placement in self-contained classrooms where they receive little or no reading instruction and because many teachers are unprepared to meet the instructional needs of this population. However, there is growing evidence that students with EBD are responsive to effective reading instruction when it is available. This research project will address these needs by developing an intervention that is directed at improving reading instruction for teachers of elementary school students with EBD.