TrackTown USA Learning and Healthy Outcomes Development Project

The purpose of the TrackTown project is to iteratively develop, and test the feasibility and promise of a multi-dimensional, multi-media curriculum on 4th and 5th grade elementary students' health, cognitive, and academic outcomes. The project, which is being conducted by an interdisciplinary team of research scientists, professors, and gaming experts from the Center on Teaching and Learning (CTL), the Human Physiology Department (HPD) and Bowerman Sports Science Clinic (BSSC), the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center, and a local Education Gaming Small Business, Thought Cycle, is aimed at securing research funds from federally sponsored research agencies (i.e., Institute on Education Sciences and National Institute on Child and Human Development).

Total Award: 
$1,599,776 to Center on Teaching and Learning.
Funding Source: 
University of Oregon; Research, Innovation and Graduate Education (RIGE); Incubating Interdisciplinary Initiatives (I3) Awards,
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