Validating DIBELS 8th Edition as a Screener for Dyslexia (AIP2)

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US. Department of Education, Research in Special Education, NCSER-RWL Measurement, CFDA Num: 84.324, R324A210042
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The purpose of this project is to evaluate the validity of 8th Edition of Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS 8) as a screener for dyslexia. As of 2020, 47 states require that students be screened for dyslexia in early elementary school, and state education agencies recognize DIBELS for this purpose more than any other test. However, evidence for the use of DIBELS for this purpose is limited. In this project, researchers will investigate the associations between DIBELS 8 subtests and a range of measures used in dyslexia classification, evaluate a series of classification models for establishing risk-for-dyslexia, and investigate the potential differences in the validity of these approaches to dyslexia identification for students who do and do not receive evidence-based reading instruction.